Hi, I'm Beat Schindler. During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How simplification opens the pearly gates to the lifestyle of your dreams - where you Live your Love and Love your Life, with a clear mind ... and get things done(!), with a passion - every day. 
  • Why simple is the death of anxiety, worry and stress. As well as the key to success. And why we all get caught in it together in the first place. Practically speaking, why you will feel lighter, like after a heavy load has been taken off your back.
  • Why only 3 words ought to receive the bulk of your attention.  Seriously. Pay attention to these 3 words and do great - ignore them and miss out on what could have been.
  • Why growth is the Natural Way - when what's preventing it is eliminated. Unleash the power of what's there.
In Biel/Bienne!



October 22, 2014

19:00 hrs

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