Hi, I'm Beat (pronounced B@).
I spent years stuck in a life of highs invariably followed by lows, of success invariably followed by disappointment.

Like successful-unhappy people everywhere, I just worked even harder at it - banging my head against a wall - until a couple of years ago I found myself in the street, dead-broke. And like deer caught in headlights I saw it's tough when you don't know what it's about..
But then I discovered how a simple life formula can be used to break free and to get things done like never before.
I used the formula to re-kick start my life and to create a location-independent business on a shoestring. I never looked back, and began sharing my discovery with others, with amazing results..
Now, I'm an in-demand writer, teaching my Kindergarten-simple success formula to people and businesses around the world.
All You Need Is There.

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